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The Red Cedar Symphony is honored to have generous and faithful financial supporters. When you contribute to the Red Cedar Symphony you join with others who believe that the arts enhance our quality of life. The people of northwestern Wisconsin enjoy a wealth of talent through its theatre groups, visual artists, and musical groups. Red Cedar Symphony is one unique facet of that cultural gem.

Ticket proceeds alone do not cover the expense of producing concerts. Ticket sales account for roughly one-third of our operating budget, while another one-third is from grants that we have received from the Wisconsin Arts Board on an annual basis. The awarding panel was impressed with the Red Cedar Symphony, saying, "this organization does a lot within a small budget" and "Red Cedar Symphony does a good job making art a priority for its community."

But, one-third and one-third do not a whole make. This is where you can help. Your donation can help the orchestra continue to provide quality orchestral music to rural northern Wisconsin as well as help us continue to promote the study of stringed instruments among young musicians. By making a donation to the Red Cedar Symphony, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your dollars are helping to provide a unique experience to musicians and listeners alike. Your support helps to pay the salary of our conductor, executive director and personnel manager/librarian. Contributions also help to purchase or rent music, pay for advertising, and reimburse some travel expenses for musicians.

The Red Cedar Symphony is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so your contributions may be tax-deductible. If you are not already on our patron list, why not consider a donation today and help us keep the music playing?

We need your support!  

2015 - 2016 Supporters:

Orchestra Club; $1000 and above
JRB Consultant
Earl & Linda Cook
Wisconsin Arts Board
Wissota Refrigerated Trucking

Vivace Club $500-$999
Business & Estate Advisers
Griffith Insurance
Helen M. Larson Fund
Quigley Consultants

Conductor's Club $250-$499
Business and Estate Advisers
Jerold and Betsy Elling
Kristin and Mike Griffith
Jim and Janna Haack
Steve and Ann Hansen
Lynn and Marla Koob
Dave Lhotka (in memory of Lynn)
Gail and John Waldron
Robert and Robin Fossum
Kristine Longmire
Nora and Bruce Moss
Bruce and Sara Qualey
Ed and Marla Thompson

Bow Club $100-$249
Ron and Doris Brewster
Linda and John Cesnik
John and Judith Dahlgren
Sharon Ann Gary
David and Sue Hildebrand
IBM Foundation
Nancy Keeler
Ted and Helen Krenzke
Lehman’s Supper Club
Mayo Foundation
Dr. Kent and Loretta Meng
Chuck and Charlotte Nelson
Kristin Nickel
Mayo Foundation
Norske Nook
Publishers Expressions
Doug and Sue Raether
Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Rotary Club of Rice Lake
Royal Credit Union
Jonathon Stanley
Janice Stearns
Margie Wilkom
Jeff and Patricia Zais

Baton Club to $99
Grant and Ruth Aaseng
Harla and Jerry Atherton
Lorraine Barta
Senator Janet Bewley
Chetek Lutheran Church
Cindee Borton-Parker
Megan Conners
Mary Dorrance
Caroline Dunham
Joe and Julie Erickson
Donna Grilley
Earl and Kathy Grover
Lee Haight
Philip and Connie Henkel
Kurt Hoesly
J&J Northside Car Wash
Norm and Kathee Krenzke
Dorothy and Ralph Marquardt
JoAnn Mathys
Linda and Gerry Mullikin
Elizabeth and Gary Murphy
Voldemar and Linda Narins
Sonia and Thomas Scott
Carol and Robert Stanonik
Linda Thompson
John and Elaine Walker
Norm and Kathee Yamada
Bill and Nancy Zabel